Throughout his career, Tony Yanz has assisted and contributed to a number of charities and organisations, focusing on causes that support research and care for people with HIV/Aids and Cancer, as well as charities for children and the homeless. Yanz is also a keen supporter of cultural initiatives and in 2012 he established TJZE, Asociación Tony Yanz, based in his home of Lima, Peru. TJZE aims to provide a dynamic platform to celebrate Peruvian artists both locally and internationally as well as permanently showing the work of Tony Yanz.

It is the manifestation of his personal desire to contribute to the cultural heritage of Peru.

TJZE Mission Statement

PROMOTE CULTURE TO A WIDE AUDIENCE - TJZE will aim to promote culture to both local and international audiences. The Asociación will be accessible to all.

PROMOTION AND SUPPORT OF PERUVIAN ART AND ARTISTS  - TJZE aims to give space and support for exhibitions by Peruvian artists and regular exhibitions of Tony Yanz’s work.

PROMOTION OF PERUVIAN HERITAGE - The Asociación will be hosted in a 19th Century republican building, refurbished to its original and former glory and located in a historic and monumental area of Lima.

PROMOTION OF URBAN TOURISM - The Asociación wants to attract urban tourism and help make Lima into a renowned destination for international travellers to Peru.


Supported Projects

The Elton John Aids Foundation, amfAR, The Terrence Higgins Trust, Life Ball, Women to Women, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, CLIC Sargent and The Naked Heart Foundation are among some of the many causes that Tony Yanz has supported. He is also an honorary patron of the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, UK.

Picture: Sharon Stone and Tony Yanz at the amfAR Cinema Against Aids benefit in 2007. © Getty images

Save the Children, Peru

In 2008 Yanz collaborated with Save the Children on the building of the El Salvador Clinic in the Pueblo Nuevo District, Chincha, in his native Peru. The clinic was built for children with Tuberculosis in the area badly affected by the devastating earthquake, which hit the coast of Peru in August 2007. It measured 8 on the Richter scale and the Pueblo Nuevo District was one of the hardest-hit areas in the province, with almost 100,000 houses destroyed and 1,200 schools damaged. The El Salvador clinic was entirely funded from the sale of a single print from Tony Yanz’s iconic portraits of the late Princess Diana.